[I hope this got some laughs. Members of The New Vaudeville Band and the Bonzos are still gigging in the UK, and I think they'd be a feather in the cap of whatever European steampunk event snapped them up. Rush's Clockwork Angels tour will be in the Portland area a few weeks after GEAR Con, July 28 at the Sleep Country Ampitheater in Ridgefield, WA. GEAR Con's actual 2013 headliner is the always-amazing Abney Park!]

GEAR Con 2013, Portland, Oregon’s third annual celebration of steampunk creativity, is proud to host The New Vaudeville Band as our featured musical performers, headlining the convention’s steampunk ball on Saturday, July 6th. The UK septet rose to international fame in 1966, beating out The Temperance Seven and the Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band to become the world’s preeminent Music Hall revival novelty ensemble on the strength of their breakout hit, “Winchester Cathedral”, plus some other songs they undoubtedly must have written and recorded. Their marriage of Edwardian popular songwriting styles with cutting-edge instrumentation and sound engineering technology marks The New Vaudeville Band as legendary pioneers of steampunk music.

The band’s members will reunite for their GEAR Con performance through the modern magic of the World Wide Web, performing live via Skype from their homes and private recording studios throughout the United Kingdom. They will be represented onstage by life-sized, projected pinup avatars designed by “Tea Girls” artist Brian Kesinger and animated by a local creative collective using free, open source tools on a found-hardware rendering farm powered by thermal energy reclaimed from composting.

Opening for The New Vaudeville Band is the Canadian rock trio Rush, whose latest record, 2012′s Clockwork Angels, is a richly-envisioned steampunk concept album. “We’ve been steampunk for years”, says guitarist Alex Lifeson. “Geddy wears those round little goggley specs, and there’s a top hat in the cover art for Presto. Somebody told us that counts.”

“What stadium is this gig at again?” he proceeded to ask.


  1. Geoff
    Thu 18th Apr 2013 at 4:37 pm

    Hi. I performed in a band who played support to the N V B in the 70s. N V B are the most underestimated band of the 70s. They were fantastic and performed a set of Stylistics songs with ease and precision. Most members of the band were multi intrumentalists and they swithed instruments for almost every song .. Outstanding act and I’m proud to have played ias the support band to such a great team as the N V B

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