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GEAR Con 2014 is July 4-6 at DoubleTree by Hilton, Portland. Our theme: “Come Take A Trip On My Airship”, a celebration of steampunk in flight. Register to attend, book your discounted online hotel reservation (or book by phone and ask for group code “GRC”), and email our dealer coordinator to inquire after booth space.

Programming highlights for this year’s GEAR Con include a radio-controlled airship build challenge & regatta, Friday night fashion & music showcase featuring Three For Silver & guests, our Saturday night concert and ball with headliner Good Co, Tesla coil & other high-voltage demos all weekend in the new Power Station room, and all the steampunk art, literature, music, costume, martial arts, gaming, (etc., etc.) you can fit into three days. Interested in presenting programming of your own at GEAR Con? Use our participant web form to send us your particulars and the activity submission form to pitch your panel, workshop, performance, game, or other idea.

Register now to lock in your $40 weekend rate, and stop by the DoubleTree on Sunday, April 27 for the Stumptown Springtime Steampunk Sampler, an appetizer serving of GEAR Con’s programming & entertainment FREE with your pre-registration.

GEAR Con 2014 color legal 4up

GEAR Con 2014 poster by Alexandra Haley; GEAR Con logo by Charles Pike.


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GEAR Con is proud to announce the Stumptown Springtime Steampunk Sampler, an appetizer-sized serving of Portland’s annual steampunk convention. From noon to 6pm on Sunday, April 27th, convene at the Portland DoubleTree for a taster flight of GEAR Con 2014′s panels and workshops.

gear con 2014 sampler poster thumbnail

The Sampler has something for everyone, from fashion tips & shopping to skill-sharing for our 2014 RC Airship Build Challenge. Convention diehards can take early advantage of workshops like “Steampunk Flash Fiction” and “Leatherworking Basics”, clearing their schedule in July for other options, while newcomers can attend “Defining Steampunk” and “Steampunk On a Dime” to answer those burning questions: “Who are the steampunks? What do they want? And where do they get those tiny hats?” Miniature incarnations of GEAR Con fixtures like the Crafters’ Lab, Salon of the Arts, and the brand-new Power Station will enlighten and amuse you, and the day winds to a close with musical sets by Three For Silver, The Wazzoo Sound, and other GEAR Con 2014 performers.

The Stumptown Springtime Steampunk Sampler is $10/person at the door or FREE with your GEAR Con 2014 pre-registration (also available on-site). Watch this space, our Facebook, or our parent event’s Twitter for GEAR Con and Sampler programming updates.

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12 Jun 2013, by

Professor Gall

Professor Gall Drew with pipe

Professor Gall returns to the entertainment lineup at GEAR Con 2013! From his website:

‘A Tincture of Junkyard Folk and Steampunk Jazz’.

Professor Gall seeks to uncover the contradictions of an ambiguous and native-less society, ‘dreaming the existentialists’ dream’, while at the same time pleading for individualism, peace, and more fun at funerals.

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Poplock Holmes, the United States’ delegate to the rarefied company of chap-hop emcees, appears live in performance and throughout the weekend on panels at GEAR Con 2013. Accompanied by theremin-scratching DJ WattsOn and lady adventurer Navi, Sir Poplock Holmes fronts Run DM Steam, bringing the gift of fresh, sweet rhymes & flow to Portland’s steampunk audience. Discover more about Sir Holmes, his companions, and their exploits at

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Payne Maverick Algernon

On the evening of Friday, July 5th, GEAR Con presents The Prestigious Illusionists, a showcase of steampunk stage magic and ne0-Victorian variety entertainments! Be astounded and amazed by Master Payne, Professor Algernon, Doc Maverick, and your Master of Ceremonies, Professor DR Schreiber.

Chevalier Schreiber

Between conjurers & prestidigitators, let us entertain you with bellydance, barbershop quartet, and circus arts, plus comic song by that scintillating chanteuse, MAD-emoiselle Veronique Chevallier!

This is an all-ages event; as with all GEAR Con entertainments, there is no additional ticket price to attend this performance.

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31 May 2013, by

Veronique Chevalier



Veronique Chevalier, the incomparable comic diva of nouveau-cabaret,  returns to Portland for GEAR Con 2013! From her website:

She’s an unparalleled Parodist; a Steampunk-lish Chanteuse, and Spooky Polkanista, who has been described as a twisted incarnation of Edith Piaf from an alternate reality – the one in which her parents are Jim Morrison, and Elvira, Mistress of the Dark, and her godparents are Lucille Ball and Weird Al.
As a self-proclaimed “Mad Sonictist,” she takes maniacal pleasure in combining previously unrelated musical forms into new, unholy combinations. She vows to leave no genre unadulterated in her quest to create the ultimate Sonic Frankenstein…

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31 May 2013, by

Good Co.


Electro-swing national treasure Good Co performs with Abney Park at GEAR Con 2013! From their website:

Good Co isn’t your usual company. Our employees aren’t suit and tie types, they’re raucous jazz musicians.  Our meetings are held out on the dancefloor, and our business model isn’t concerned with profits and losses, it’s all about keeping the music swinging and the people dancing!

As the US’s one and only Electro Swing Band, we’re proud to present our debut album, Electro Swing for the Masses. Pounding dance beats are mixed with gypsy jazz guitar riffs, samples from the past turned on their head along with a live horn section blowing down the house! Take it easy ‘cause we’ve got you covered.

Just sit back, order up a stiff one and keep Good Co!

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All weekend at GEAR Con 2013, immerse yourself in the world of 19th Century combative arts! Attend classes and panels on bartitsu, pugilism, sabre, jujitsu, and other topics in Victorian self-defense; Sunday the 7th, the Symposium culminates in a four-hour bartitsu seminar and exhibition.  Instructors include:

Tom Badillo of Botta Secreta Productions

David McCormick of Academie Duello

Stewart Sackett of Nemesis Brazilian Jujitsu

Symposium orchestrated by Jeff Richardson and Matthew Howden of Portland’s own Academia Duellatoria


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GEAR Con is Portland, Oregon’s annual celebration of all things steampunk. Our 2013 theme, Steampunk Americana, explores the history, literature, and technology of an early-Industrial-Age USA that never was. View a PDF of our program booklet here.

Leave the Now Behind

The convention takes place over July 5-7, 2013 at DoubleTree by Hilton, Portland. To register and attend, click here. To participate as a panelist or workshop leader, click here. General inquiries, please email the convention director; please note that dealer space for GEAR Con 2013 is sold out, but small lots of your handcrafted items may be placed on consignment with the convention.

Operating hours: registration opens at 11am on Friday, July 5th. Dealers and a selection of convention activities go live at noon, and the convention is in full swing by 2pm. Saturday and Sunday, panels begin at 9am; GEAR Con 2013 comes to a close Sunday night at 8:00.


Creative Endeavors

  • Learn hands-on skills and tackle art & science projects in the Crafters’ Lab workshop featuring famous steampunk makers and visiting experts from OMSI!
  • Drop in on Open Read & Critiques to share and improve your creative writing.
  • Form a team and conceive, shoot, & edit a steampunk-themed short in two days for our 48 Hour Film Competition.
  • The Steampunk Scrapheap Challenge tests your industriousness and imagination: what’s the best you can do with an odd lot of parts, a room full of tools, and an hour?
  • Work solo or team writers with artists for our Graphic Storytelling Contest, filling a broadsheet page with your original comic or illustrated narrative.

Also Featuring

Tesla coil demonstrations ~ our fashion show ~ author readings, publishing workshops, & the Steampunk Writers Dogpile mega-panel and signing fair ~ historical & cultural presentations ~ a fine art salon ~ live-action roleplaying games ~ a War Machine miniatures tournament ~ drop-in tabletop gaming ~ Whitechapel Circus live ~ vendor halls full of steampunk clothing, accessories, & media ~ more retrofuturistic goodness TBA.

Register Now for GEAR Con 2013!

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Abney Park logo

Steampunk’s “it” band, Abney Park, is the musical headliner for GEAR Con 2013!

Abney Park comes from an era that never was, but one that we wish had been. An era where airships waged war in the skies, and corsets and cummerbunds were proper adventuring attire. They’ve picked up their bad musical habits, scoundrelous musicians, and anachronistically hybridized instruments from dozens of locations and eras that they have visited in their travels and thrown them into one riotous dervish of a performance. Expect clockwork guitars, belly dancers, flintlock bassists, middleastern percussion, violent violin, and Tesla powered keyboards blazing in a post- apocalyptic, swashbuckling, Steampunk musical mayhem.

Abney Park will play during GEAR Con’s steampunk ball on Saturday, July 6th.

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